The World’s Tallest Modular Building made with PROBOND® Solutions

Project Overview:

The world’s tallest modular building, standing at an impressive 135 meters and consisting of 1,500 modules, sets a new benchmark in modern construction. Located in London, Ten Degrees is this record-breaking project encompasses a total floor area of 41,819m² and features 546 homes within a pair of 38- and 44-storey towers. Spearheaded by Tide Construction and Vision Modular Systems and designed by architect HTA, the project leveraged cutting-edge techniques such as virtual reality and 3D printing for rapid prototyping and incorporated an angled modular façade.


The sheer scale and innovative nature of this project required meticulous planning and execution, particularly in the supply and application of floor preparation materials. The flooring contractor needed consistent support to manage the just-in-time delivery schedule essential for the smooth running of the installation process. The need for large quantities of materials to be delivered promptly and efficiently was paramount to meet the project’s tight timelines.

PROBOND® Solutions Chosen:

SASGO supplied a comprehensive range of PROBOND® products to ensure the highest standards of floor preparation were achieved throughout the construction of this monumental building:

  • FL307 – Fast Setting Flexible Levelling Compound: The flexibility and quick setting time of FL307 were crucial for areas that required immediate accessibility, supporting the project’s tight schedule.
  • FL325 – Multi-Purpose Levelling Compound: Essential for creating smooth, level surfaces across the extensive floor areas, FL325 provided excellent coverage and a durable finish necessary for such a high-traffic environment.
  • FL345 – Rapid Dry Patch Repair Mortar: Chosen for its fast-setting properties, FL345 allowed for swift repairs and adjustments, ensuring the project could maintain its pace without compromising on quality.
  • FL315 – High Polymer Feathering Compound: Utilised for its rapid setting time and ultra-fine consistency, FL315 facilitated quick and efficient smoothing of floors, particularly in high-precision areas.
  • PR260 – Advanced All-Purpose Primer: Provided excellent adhesion and compatibility with various substrates, ensuring a strong foundation for subsequent flooring layers.

Benefits, Delivered:

  • Efficient Just-in-Time Delivery: SASGO’s ability to provide materials on a call-off basis ensured that the flooring contractor received the necessary supplies precisely when needed, minimising downtime, and maintaining the project’s momentum.
  • Reliable Product Performance: PROBOND® products offered exceptional durability and ease of use, meeting the rigorous demands of the high-rise modular construction environment.
  • Expert Support and Service: The dedicated support from PROBOND®’s sales and customer service teams, along with the seamless operations managed by SASGO, ensured that the project ran smoothly and efficiently.


The construction of the world’s tallest modular building showcases the transformative potential of innovative construction techniques combined with high-quality flooring solutions. PROBOND®’s advanced products played a critical role in the success of this landmark project, providing the reliability and performance needed to meet its unique challenges. The efficient delivery service and expert support from SASGO underscored the importance of a well-coordinated supply chain, making this project a testament to the impact of quality materials and professional service in achieving remarkable construction feats.