Transforming a Historic Site with PROBOND® Solutions

Project Overview:

The redevelopment of the iconic Boleyn Football Ground, former home of West Ham United, into Upton Gardens – a significant, 8-acre residential project in East London, was seen as the ambitious next step for the Upton Park community. The project comprised of 842 new homes, spread over 15 modern apartment buildings with tree-lined avenues navigating throughout. Upton Gardens aimed to revitalise the area while preserving the rich cultural heritage of the site.


Given the magnitude and importance of the Upton Gardens Project, selecting high-performance sub-floor preparation materials that the chosen contractor could rely on, was extremely important to ensure durability and maintain workflow efficiency. The contractor also expressed great importance on having goods delivered direct to site due to the city-centre location of the project restricting access for their our vehicles.

PROBOND® Solutions Chosen:

PROBOND® products were chosen by the contractor for their high-performing properties and the ability for PROBOND® products to be delivered directly to the site during construction thanks to the exclusive distributor of PROBOND® products, SASGO Ltd’s delivery capabilities.

  • PR260 – Advanced All-Purpose Primer: A crucial first step in floor preparation, PR260 provides excellent adhesion for levelling compounds on various substrates. Its formulation is ideal for both absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces, ensuring a strong foundation for further applications.

  • FL325 – Multi-Purpose Levelling Compound: Known for its superior flow and consistency, FL325 was used extensively across the project to create smooth and level surfaces. Its rapid setting properties allowed for quicker progression of subsequent flooring installations, crucial in a project of this scale.

  • FL345 – Rapid Dry Patch Repair Mortar: Specifically chosen for its fast-setting characteristics and versatility, FL345 was instrumental in quick patch repairs throughout the development. This product ensured that minor imperfections were efficiently corrected, maintaining the project timeline.

Benefits, Delivered:

  • Performance and Reliability: The selected PROBOND® products offered the durability and ease of use required to handle the complex demands of a large-scale residential development.
  • Efficiency and Convenience: The direct-to-site delivery service provided by PROBOND® significantly reduced downtime by ensuring that all necessary materials were readily available as the construction team needed them.
  • Support and Expertise: PROBOND® provided comprehensive support throughout the project, from product selection to on-site technical guidance, ensuring that every phase of sub-floor preparation met the highest standards.


The Upton Gardens development not only transformed a historical site into a thriving residential area but also demonstrated the effectiveness of using high-quality PROBOND® products in managing large, complex construction environments. This project serves as a testament to PROBOND®’s commitment to delivering solutions that combine innovation with reliability, tailored to the unique needs of significant urban regeneration projects.