Enhancing Community Healthcare Infrastructure with PROBOND® Solutions

Project Overview:

In the vibrant district of Tottenham Hale, the Welbourne Health Centre stands as a cornerstone in Haringey Council’s extensive community development initiatives. Designed to serve approximately 25,000 residents, this facility aims to significantly reduce medical waiting times, which have been an issue due to recent shortages in the healthcare sector. The centre will house a fully equipped GP surgery and medical centre with numerous clinical, treatment, and training rooms, alongside essential support accommodations.


The project’s scope required a seamless integration of high-performance construction materials to ensure the health centre’s infrastructure could meet its operational demands effectively. The challenge was to deliver these materials efficiently and timely, coordinating with ongoing construction schedules and ensuring that installation caused minimal disruption to the surrounding developments.

PROBOND® Solutions Chosen:

PROBOND® products were chosen by the contractor for their high-performing properties and the ability for PROBOND® products to be delivered directly to the site during construction thanks to the exclusive distributor of PROBOND® products, SASGO Ltd’s delivery capabilities.

  • FL325 – 2-Part Multi-Purpose Levelling Compound: This compound was essential for achieving smooth, level surfaces across various substrates within the health centre, facilitating a quicker transition to subsequent flooring applications.

  • FL307 – Fast Setting Flexible Levelling Compound: Chosen for its rapid setting times, FL307 enabled faster flooring installations, crucial in maintaining the project timeline.

  • PR295 – Single Component Moisture Suppressant: This moisture suppressant ensured that the substrates were adequately protected against potential moisture-related issues, safeguarding the longevity of the flooring.

  • B400 – Vinyl Flooring Adhesive: A high-performance adhesive used to securely install vinyl flooring, contributing to the durability and maintenance of clean, safe environments suitable for medical settings.

Benefits, Delivered:

  • Precision and Reliability: The Coordinated delivery schedule provided by SASGO allowed PROBOND® products to be on-site in time for work to begin with minimal fuss.
  • Quality and Performance: The high-quality PROBOND® products ensured that flooring installations met the functional and aesthetic needs of the health centre.
  • Enhanced Communication and Support: The dedicated single point of contact at SASGO facilitated clear, consistent communication, reducing potential errors and streamlining the installation process.


The Welbourne Health Centre project not only represents a significant enhancement to the healthcare infrastructure of the Haringey community but also underscores the critical role of superior building materials and strategic logistical planning in urban development. This project exemplifies PROBOND®’s commitment to supporting significant community-focused developments with high-quality solutions and expert service, contributing to the broader rejuvenation of the Tottenham Hale area.